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What is Motiyabind operation?

Motiyabind operation is also known as cataract operation and this operation is mainly done because a person is finding some difficulties in vision, he or she might be experiencing blurry vision and an increased glare or shiny lights. It would be difficult for a person to do their normal activities in a daily life because of the motiyabind (cataract) defect. By doing cataract surgery you can restore your vision completely and you will also not have to depend on your eyeglasses. Most of times it has been seen that the number of people from aging group are higher for the cataract treatment compared to any other age group as their eyes start becoming weaker.

Bharti eye foundation and hospital which is located in New Delhi is one of the best Motiyabind operation in Delhi and is also the leading one but still when it comes to your health it is always recommended that you visit a hospital that you are well aware about. They have many best retina specialists in Delhi at Bharti Hospital for the treatment of cataract. At the Bharti eye foundation and hospital the surgery is so painless, no stitches and even no injections and this all because of the advanced modern technology that had been brought in the medical field. 

Post surgery period:

After the treatment that is post surgery period, some people needs a rest of 1 to 3 days of duration where as some people are able to watch Television, Mobile or anything just like the normal eyes but it is still recommended that you give some rest to your eyes and not stress on them for a pain free and stress free surgery.


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